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Contest wide open


Contest wide open

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THEROLD?BABB, Joseph Bourne and Laron Gibson have all won the coveted Mr Bridgetown muscle contest. Early next month, they will be eyeing a bigger prize: the open title at the 2013 Darcy Beckles Invitational Classic.
The event is slated for the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on November 2.
The open contest promises to be riveting, with the top three earning the right to flex muscle with Barbados champions Hoskyn Worrell, Stevenson Belle, and Ramon Broomes in the Classic, which is the main event.
Gibson will start as favourite, based on past performance. He is always hard and cut and has always been a hit with his dynamic posing.
Bourne has been around for a long time and now seems to be discovering his best form, as evidenced by his victory at this year’s Mr Bridgetown and solid performances on the national and the Central American and Caribbean (CAC)?stage.
Babb has not stepped on stage this season, and for the past few years has been struggling to find the formula for success.
He has the most pleasing physique of the lot but nailing his condition has been a big issue for him, but he has promised to get it right this time.
“This is a different Babb. I am ready this time. Look for me in shape,” said the quietly confident instructor at the Black Rock-based Unique Fitness gym.
Contest organizer Roger Boyce told WEEKEND?SPORT that an in-form Babb represents a clear and present danger to any of his rivals.
“If he is in shape, a lot of men will be in trouble but he has to be in shape. It would be nice to see him in good condition.
“The open contest will have plenty of fireworks. I am looking forward to it,” he said.
Then there is two-time Mr Teenager Dario Bryan, unquestionably one of the best of the young Turks.
Barbados representative Sammy Eastmond, dynamite in a small package, is expected to be sliced to ribbons, while much will also be expected of Dave Archer, who is under the guidance of former Barbados and Caribbean heavyweight king Roger “The Black Prince”?Sealy.
This field has depth, with the line-up also including Dorell Coulthrust, the rugged 42-year-old personal trainer from Shermans, St Peter, who announced himself on debut last season with a stunning capture of Mr Bridgetown.
Coulthrust, who will carry the flag for the St Peter-based Superior Fitness Gym, is expected to hit the stage with over 200 pounds of muscle and could be the biggest man in the field.