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Bagging rights

Natanga Smith

Bagging rights

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A big part of developing your style is how you look at any given point in your day-to-day life. And style is also about details. A bright bag, an edgy belt, a man’s watch, a dainty piece of jewellery – the way a person accessorizes also shows style and adventure.
Whether it’s a day at the office, a weekend away or a trip to the gym you should always look put together and appropriately dressed for the situation.
Almost all women are into accessories and after the normal pleasantries are over with, the chit-chat goes into bags, dresses, make-up, hairstyling articles and so on.
Bags are the foremost need of any woman – whether it is a fashion statement or for carrying vital personal belongings.
From my point of view, a woman must own these:
An everyday bag: it is one of the basic items that a working girl ideally carries with her. So it must be in classic hue, that i, black, brown or white because these shades can easily  be matched with all kinds and colours of outfits. It must be strong and durable, therefore consider leather and waterproof bags.
Totes: If the bag is big, yes you must fill it. There are some enormous bags out there but as women we can find plenty things to fit in them, because useful articles occupy a big space and useful items are more in number. Hence, your tote bag should be strong, full of space and trendy as well.
Clutch: A clutch purse is this season’s accessory of choice. From big and soft to small and delicate, we are seeing them everywhere. In the past, we have only seen simple small clutches, and they are definitely still in style. I love an oversized clutch purse to kick any outfit up a notch.
Functionality is an important component and accessories are a fun way to play with fashion, and can be inexpensive too. In fact, we recommend if you are wanting to try a new trend, such as boho or neons, try the trend through accessories – since you don’t have to make an style commitment.
P.S. I’m happy to see that cross-body bags are more available than ever, as they are better for our necks and backs, and practical when travelling or out and about wrangling kids, dogs and/or bags of groceries.
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