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Govt driving away investors – Agard

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Govt driving away investors – Agard

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GOVERNMENT IS HURTING Barbados’ investment prospects with its claims that the Opposition is trying to destabilize the country.
Opposition MP Dr Maria Agard made this charge yesterday evening during a meeting of the Christ Church West branch of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) at the Clapham Community Centre, St Michael.
Agard told the gathering that, not only were the charges baseless, but they were sure to make businesspeople cagey about investing here.
Government was “doing more harm” to the country with the charges at a time when the country was “taxed to the max”, foreign reserves had dropped sharply to a critical level and the economy was in deep trouble, the MP for Christ Church West said.
The Opposition was simply “doing its job” in pointing to the problems and Government was wrong if it thought it could reach some kind of “one-upmanship” by attacking it and trying to force it into silence.