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Leading us into deeper truth

Cheryl Harewood

Leading us into deeper truth

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IF GOD has been good to you, praise Him. If He has blessed you in any way, thank Him. Each day should be a day of praise, worship and thanksgiving.
This was part of New York-based Reverend Dr David Kelley’s message last Wednesday night, on Day 4 of a five-night crusade at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, President Kennedy Drive, St Michael.
The services, themed Breakthrough Life-changing Services, were held under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Vincent Wood.
Kelley, taking his text from Luke 17, titled his sermon A Reasonable Question, focusing on the healing of the ten lepers and the public gratitude displayed by only one.
This leper returned to thank Jesus, who then asked the pointed question: “Were there not ten cleansed, where are the nine?” It was a reasonable question to ask, the minister declared.
“When God asks a question, He is not seeking information but to lead us into a deeper truth and greater understanding. Not so with Jesus; the questions of Jesus are reasonable.
Whenever divinity asks a question of humanity, it is a question which seeks no direct answer but will cause us to do some soul-searching. When God asks a question, His purpose is to awaken in us wonderful news and leave us speechless,” Kelley explained.
He noted that the lepers’ condition was beyond medical hope and they needed a miracle only Jesus could give.
“By telling them to show themselves to the priest, Jesus was in effect saying their healing was already done. All the priest had to do was give them a certificate of health showing they were healed. All ten were healed but only one came back to offer thanks.”
He suggested three reasons why only one returned to acknowledge and thank God: he recognized where his blessings came from (Heaven); who his benefactor was, and that there were more benefits to come.
Pointing out that this man worshipped and thanked Jesus “right there on the road”, Kelley said while some people preferred to sit still in the presence of the Lord, there were those who recognized the blessings of God and came through the church doors shouting.
“This man wanted to bless the name of the Lord because He knew God had cleansed and redeemed him. We too ought to recognize where our blessings come from and worship God.
“We ought to be thankful and grateful. He gave God the praise but gave Jesus the thanks.  We should always be willing to say thank you to God for everything – morning, noon and night. No matter what is going on in our lives, we need to tell God thank you.
“You can thank Him for the opportunity of life; for the birth of His Son Jesus Christ; for salvation; His soon coming; for His goodness, grace and wisdom; for the Word, the Holy Spirit, life everlasting, family, friends, a roof over your head, and His mercy. Thanksgiving and gratitude ought to be what we give God every day,” Kelley said.
While this leper recognized Jesus had more to offer than healing, he added, “there are people who do not realize there is more to Christ than a miracle, blessings, getting their names on the church roll and having a baptism”.  
The preacher proceeded to ask the congregation: “Where are those who used to sing in the choir? Where are those who got their babies blessed at the altar? Where are those whose weddings were performed in the sanctuary? Where are those who used to usher?”
And as the altar call was made, some walked up the aisle to say yes to Jesus and to thank Him for the gift of salvation.
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