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DEAR CHRISTINE: My neighbour is too generous

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: My neighbour is too generous

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Dear Christine,
I’ve always been a very independent individual and it has always been hard for me to accept generosity from anyone else. However, I must share my story with you and the readers out there.
I am a 67-year-old widow, recovering from recent surgery. My neighbour (a registered nurse), her husband and son have been obliging of all my needs, and I feel fortunate to have them. My problem is that she is overly generous and helpful, more so than my own daughter.
When I protest that it is too much, she replies, “Oh, you take all the fun out of it.” I’m hesitant to drive to some places and she’s always willing to take me, but she won’t even let me pay for the gas.
What should I do?
– L.P.
Dear L.P.,
I think the greatest thing you can do is lift your hands and say thanks to God.
I’m so happy to hear that there are still some good Samaritans who are willing to help and be their brother’s keeper, without looking for some financial reward.
Your neighbour can obviously afford the time and money she spends on you; furthermore, she has let you know she enjoys helping you.
She gets as much as she gives by doing favors for you. Consider yourself fortunate and accept her generosity with appreciation. Don’t insult her by even attempting to pay her back. She has already made it clear she does not need your cash.