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I CONFESS: Why are neighbours being hostile?

marciadottin, [email protected]

I CONFESS: Why are neighbours being hostile?

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I’m not sure if this is a confession but I feel the need to ask why my neighbour believes in blaming me for her worthlessness and that of her daughters?
I used to notice people staring at my belly and I would wonder why and now realize that it was her and two of her daughters who were pregnant.
Whenever they were pregnant they would all look at me and rub their bellies.
The last time was around July down to September this year. It turned out her eldest daughter’s rival was pregnant.
A little background: there is a man who lives right opposite where we live, who used to speak to me years ago but I noticed he would only speak to me when nobody is around. After a while I noticed people would always link me to this man, who I’ll call “Mr Big Shot” who drives a very powerful van. If any vehicle or any person pass us – he would never speak. People who live in the development would be staring at me when he passed. Even the woman who lives in the house with him . . . who is his wife I believe . . . is doing the same thing, but she is barking up the wrong tree.
I always felt he was up to something because why else would any man try to get involved with someone right in front the person he is living with? There is only one way into and out of the development and both those are next door and I can see them. So I came to the conclusion he’s trying to tell the wife something or he’s living with someone farther away, or both.
Fast forward to earlier this year when I kept hearing the loud blast of “Mr Big Shot’s” powerful van. It was a daughter with her young child in hand, who he was blowing at. Later the wife would drive out in one or the other of his top end vehicles for all to see. Then we heard that around October “Mr Big Shot’s” wife gave birth to his baby.
But she is looking stupid, because from the time he learnt of his wife’s pregnancy, he started courting next door. Why would any man knowing his wife is pregnant do that? Wouldn’t it affect her emotional state? I’m sure the wife heard the daily blasting from home. I could understand their anger at his wife’s pregnancy. I could also understand them turning their anger towards the foolish red woman next door, but why should I pay for their “whoredoms”? Why pin their rival’s pregnancy on me?  
The mother dropped remarks that “Mr Big Shot” ain’t want me.” I agree and it is very obvious to me that “Mr Big Shot” prefers her. She always comes out in her nightgown when he passes and blows the horn at her in front the neighbours. She’s big, and it seems that’s the way men prefer women, and I’m bony.
The daughters are talking about how old I am but I never claimed to be young. Why don’t they just celebrate their victory, pop the champagne and stop slandering my name? But I know that that is a futile request.
I don’t know what they are trying to do to me . . . .
Recently, I went for a walk as I was doing for years only to see a big black dog. But thank God, I had time to retreat. I then met a neighbour on the other side and when I asked how she got past the dog, she told me it was Mr Big Shot’s dog and he came and put it up.  
On my way back home the man was now outside and I sensed strong hostility from him. I’m most certain I heard him telling his neighbour something wicked and derogatory about me (the same stuff I heard the woman in the nightgown and her connections saying).
Anyway, I prayed to the one person who knows and sees everything. Whatever they told him, he got a conscience and a mind to think for himself, so I blame him 100 per cent. I have been walking on mornings for at least 15 years straight, long before the land even sold for development purposes. Why has he changed from almost friendly to hostile? I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, though.
Also, they have a problem with the one window I sit in during the day. I have nowhere else to sit but at this window, so I’m sorry for him and whoever else it offends.
The old house has four rooms and this is the only one I control. The relatives control the other rooms.
I wouldn’t ask or expect any sympathy from some big shot like him. Why the bullying and hostility?
This is obviously a case of birds of a feather flocking together – “Mr Big Shot” and his “girlfriend” and “in-laws” ganging up to use me as a scapegoat for their actions?
The young girl, along with her relatives, believes it is only a matter of time before the wife and her nursing baby are forced out and she and her child move in, but time will tell.
The way these people were observing me the Saturday before this incident (with the dog) has led me to believe it was all planned.