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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Grow more to cut food bill

marciadottin, [email protected]

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I hope you had a peaceful and blessed Christmas Day.
 As for me, mine was one of sleep and rest after so many services on that day.
At this time when we are approaching the year 2014, which could be one of great uncertainty, there is something of great concern to me: while I was doing business at the BICO cold storage section of that firm the week before Christmas, I saw many trucks leaving the compound laden with fresh corn – the corn was still carrying the “ears” on them just as they were taken from the fields in North America.
 As I watched, I could not believe what I saw and I asked myself, why are we importing corn into Barbados as a whole?  
Please tell me why do we have to import corn?
One only has to drive from St Lucy to St Philip and one will see so many fields that were once very productive, now out of production and only growing grass!
I am convinced that we are only talking about our high food import bill and we are not doing anything about agriculture. We must stop paying lip service about agriculture, stop all the talk about that sector in Barbados, and let us have some action.
I think that it would be a good idea if some of you (Barbadians) would pay a visit to BICO’s cold storage section and you would be surprised to see the produce that are imported into the country that could be grown right here in Barbados.
I do hope that in 2014 we will take agriculture seriously for once and bring back some of the ideal land into production since our economy is struggling.
It must be noted that when any country’s agricultural sector is strong then the economy is usually strong as well.
I can still remember those days when our economy was driven by agriculture and how our country flourished as a result. We have to stop consuming all of these foreign goods and grow some of the things that we consume.
A bright and healthy 2014 to all my readers.