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BHF ‘making field level’

Randy Bennett

BHF ‘making field level’

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That is what the Barbados Hockey Federation (BHF) is seeking to give local, regional and international coaches interested in taking up the post of High Performance coach.
Responding to allegations recently made by former national coach Ralph Watson that local coaches were being ignored for the job, president of the BHF, David Rouse, made it clear that was simply not the case.
He told NATIONSPORT during an interview yesterday that with limited finances, the BHF was merely looking for the best person to do the job.
“Nothing is being done intentionally to isolate local coaches. If we can find a local coach who is qualified and willing to take on the responsibility, then that person will be interviewed and assessed,” he insisted.
“This time around we have taken a different approach to previous years where the position is open to everyone and anyone can apply.
“The ad which was placed on the Pan American Hockey Federation’s website is geared towards local, regional and international coaches,” Rouse added.
He explained that with the BHF unable to offer a salary for the position, the eventual candidate’s love for the game would have to be foremost.
“The BHF doesn’t have the funds to pay anyone, and that is expressed in the ad.
“We are looking at all available avenues, but without funding we know the tremendous difficulties in hiring a full-time coach.”
However, the BHF head did admit there had been a delay with the post being advertised locally.
Although he acknowledged that they were some quality hockey coaches on the island capable of taking up the position, Rouse explained the BHF still felt the need to broaden its scope.
“We have quality coaches here in Barbados, but they still have some ways to go before they get to the highest level.
“They have the ability to push us to higher heights at competitions such as the Pan Am Games, but it is evident in our inability to compete on the international stage or to reach the Olympics that we still have a bit more to do,” he noted.
Rouse also disputed claims by Watson that the hiring of international coaches had done little to develop the sport.
“You have to take all the factors into consideration if you are going to judge their performances.
“It would be unfair to say that they didn’t serve any purpose just because the team didn’t do well at a particular competition,” he contended.
“Those coaches weren’t here on a full-time basis, they came for short stints and then left, so you really can’t blame a team’s poor performance on them.”