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Slipping land has St Joseph family on edge

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Slipping land has St Joseph family on edge

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THE HOYTE FAMILY in Parks Road, St Joseph, is on edge as the land in the area has been slipping, threatening their property.    
Annette Hoyte and her family have been living in the area for 37 years but are uncertain how much longer they will be able to stay there.
“This all began last year when we experienced constant rainfall and from October we noticed slight cracks in the earth and in the foundation as well, and when the rains continued the condition became worse,” she said.
“The damage became more pronounced and now it’s worse, as the back of the house is slipping away.
She said she had contacted the Soil Conservation Unit and the Rural Development Commission.
“All we need is some kind of acknowledgement, by someone coming to us, assessing the area and letting us the residents know what we can look forward to and telling us about relocation, as this situation is beyond us technically, because there isn’t much we can do.”
Hoyte, who lives with her mother, brother and a nephew, told the DAILY?NATION: “If given the opportunity, we are willing to relocate to some place where the land is more stable as every day the situation is becoming worse for us. It is overbearing and we are waiting on anyone who can help us. We need help urgently. We are pleading for help.”
She added that two men from the National Housing Corporation visited the area and took pictures, indicating that they would have to do a report about the damage.
“We are still waiting and while we are waiting, things are not getting any better as the wall structure that was attached to our house is now separated from the rest of the house and every day, it becomes more worrisome.”
Hoyte’s mother Inez, who owns the property, said: “I am willing to move and go anywhere. I will make myself comfortable and happy as we cannot stay here in the present condition . . . . I just want to move from here so that my family can feel comfortable.”