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Awaiting lay-off list


Awaiting lay-off list

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Tomorrow’s proposed deadline for the sending home of over 3 000 public sector workers might be delayed again.
That’s the feeling of general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), Dennis Clarke, who up to late yesterday said the union had not yet received from Government the list of names of workers to be placed on the breadline.
“My understanding is that the Civil Service had to send it (list) to the Personnel Administration Department and up to yesterday (Tuesday) evening they were still fine-tuning it. It is not so straightforward a thing, as I have been saying to the public,” Clarke told the DAILY NATION.
“They (Government) have to fine-tune it properly, if not they are going to run into trouble,” he added, while noting that the union expected to receive the list between today and tomorrow.
“From where I sit and awaiting on this list, I don’t see they (Government) would be ready by Friday.”