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On side road to confusion

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On side road to confusion

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A MAN who was recently at the heart of a major public controversy is causing a stir in a community because of his moves there.
Those from the district, which is famous for its biblical alias, say that on many days recently, this man has been passing through, shouting the boys on the block and then proceeding to a house where a woman lives.
No one knows the nature of the friendship, but tongues have been wagging as people wonder how this man, who made no bones about dotting Is and crossing Ts, could be in this district so regularly, and at a female’s house to boot.
One wonders what would happen if trouble breaks out in the district. Would he make for the hills or stick around to lend his experience to the first responders?
Not quite the promised land
THE CONGREGATION at a popular church want answers about a matter that they invested their tithes and offerings in, but to date can’t get a satisfactory response.
That’s why they are planning to put their spiritual leader and his family members on the spot one more time to find out why the church has been unable to secure a piece of prime real estate for the church’s expansion.
From what we were told, some wealthy church members are upset because they had given generously to the real estate fund, with one prominent businessman reportedly writing a cheque for $3 million. Yet, almost a year since the church put in an offer for the property, it has not been able to secure this investment. So they want to find out why.
Cold shoulder for birthday 
REACHING 50 is a major event whether in cricket or life, so you could understand the hurt and disappointment a regular face in the community felt after a popular personality rejected an invitation to attend a certain big bash.
What made the female who extended the invite particularly peeved was because this very important person had the gall to turn up prior to the event at the residence, which he used to frequent, to borrow a few grand. His wishes were given in grand style as she was pleasantly surprised to see him.
She’s now convinced he’s as cold as Iceland for being able to eat, wipe his mouth clean, and not even look back.
But those who know better are saying she and her voluntarily idle midget friend embarrassed him sometime in the presence of his new squeeze – so what happened could be payback. So for them it is a case of what goes around comes back around.
Friends are now hoping that with the posting of her half-century and the recent diss she received from this man, this woman would start to respect her age and husband, and dress more appropriately, curb her vulgarity and stop running off her mouth so much.
Maybe if she does that, she would win back her hubby, who is fully aware of the skulduggery even though he says nothing.