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Milestone for principal

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Milestone for principal

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OLIVIER COX, one of the most respected school principals in this country, reached another milestone yesterday.
The founder of the Metropolitan High School, which dates back to 1964, celebrated his 81st birthday and was smothered with hugs and kisses by his students and several well-wishers who visited the Roebuck Street, Bridgetown institution throughout the day.
Cox, recipient of a Gold Crown of Merit, was humbled by the attention he received throughout the day.
“I have enjoyed every moment of my teaching career. I am not as strong as I used to be and have had to reduce my workload, but I plan to carry on as long as possible,” said Cox, who teaches just one subject now, human and?social biology.
He said Metropolitan, which previously served as a night institute for many years, was once referred to as the school of the 3 Ls – learn, licks or leave.
The former deputy principal of the defunct Federal High School told his students:
“I can only hope that all of you will succeed in life because education is the preparation for living. Things have changed quite a bit and it has to be said that modern day children get too much freeness so they do not appreciate the value of education.” (MK)