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Balancing her books

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Balancing her books

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AN OVERWEIGHT?YOUNG?woman who likes minibus men seems to have perfected the art of ripping off males.
Three weeks ago she collected $200, comprising four crispy $50 notes from the well known man, who has not heard from the university student since.
The man has promised her she would be given an additional $300 if she was friendly to him, but the girl, who got pregnant while still at school, has opted to hide from view.
Several people had warned the man to stay away from the girl. Her mother is a jack of all trades, her grandmother has survived for years without working, and her sister, who now has a job for the first time in her life, has been pinching money from her own family.
The man said before he gave her the $200, he bought her a snack box and a drink and was planning to buy four books for this girl who has a protruding stomach.
Pine time below par
SCORES?of viewers have been complaining for months and asking why a certain programme has to be aired during the night after being aired on mornings.
Those in The Pine seem to be mixed up and obviously do not realise that the programme is boring.
Several people have sent letters saying they are pleased with this week’s stand-in host, adding that there is a refreshing ring to this bell.
Viewers have asked that those three nights be used more meaningfully and are pleading with programmers to also stop the reruns of some sitcoms and movies.
Some are especially upset at the televising of a substandard low-budget Oriental movie, where the acting is second-rate at best.
Gold-digger at large
A FAT?MAN wants to know what has happened to the jewellery that was taken from his home last year by a young mother who is voluntarily idle.
The man said that he is far from impressed with the response he has gotten from the law concerning the matter.
The mother, a call girl, is reportedly scot-free after grabbing the jewellery in spite of having been already paid for services rendered.
Assets now hidden
A?CHUBBY?young woman has still not been seen in her neighbourhood since being spotted nude on the Internet last year.
The woman is embarrassed after a jilted boyfriend took revenge and exposed her naked assets.
While some feel sympathy for the girl, almost all and sundry are happy at the effect it is having on her ill-mannered mother, who has more enemies than friends.
Peeping Tom
WORKERS?at a certain Government institution where there could soon be lay-offs are upset that a gay supervisor is peeping in the male bathrooms.
What is hurtful is that the man is a member of the union and is supposed to be representing the rights of the workers.

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