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Cut and thrust

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Cut and thrust

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GOVERNMENT CAN PUT the brakes on its plans to lay off 3 000 public sector employees – and even rehire some people – if the Opposition changes its position on the cutting of public servants’ pay.
Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler made this point in the House of Assembly yesterday evening as he threw down the gauntlet to Opposition Leader Mia Mottley to bring a Private Member’s Bill to change the constitutional amendment that blocked Government from trimming public servants’ salaries.
Sinckler said the Government side would join the Opposition to ensure the two-thirds parliamentary support that was needed to make the change and “get the majority of those persons [laid off] re-employed”.
He pointed out that while the Opposition had rejected the idea of a pay cut for the public service last year, “we are asking now” for support.
“I pray God that they [the Opposition] accept the offer,” Sinckler said as he wrapped up debate on a resolution dealing with a ten per cent pay cut for Members of Parliament and parliamentary secretaries.