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MAVIS BECKLES: And life goes on . . .

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MAVIS BECKLES: And life goes on  . . .

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This life is something else, hear?
You does go tuh sleep at night and try tuh shut out and shut off all the stress, worry, confusion and wha’evah else from the day, hoping for a good night’s rest and also dat when ya wake up the next morning things would be better than the day before.
 But as soon as you wake up, life starts all ovah again wid its stresses and you have tuh ask God Almighty fuh the strength, the courage and the grace tuh take you through another day.
Look, if it ain’t one thing, it is another. The other morning I get up at my usual time, 4:30, and got myself good and ready tuh go off tuh work and face the challenges dat the day was going tuh present.
When I get as far down by the lights at Deacons Road corner, I see a police officer diverting traffic – ya couldn’t go down tuh Eagle Hall. Well, I end up all the way down there by Westbury Road and later somebody tell me, dat duh had a big-able accident in Eagle Hall and somebody lost duh life.
Well I ain’t gine spell out all but it looks tuh me like this is some kinda season fuh accidents; not only just the simple accidents ya know, but the kind o’ accidents dat involving three or more vehicles and a lot o’ people getting hurt, wid somebody losing duh life.
I gine tell ya the truth: ya have tuh be strong tuh live in this time.
Now elections only just gone and the lot o’ noise from the blaring speakers all ovah the island done, the many posters wid the smiling faces o’ the people competing fuh a seat in Parliament dat duh had stick up pon the electric poles, walls, palings, stuff cans, tree trunks and where evah people choose tuh stick dem, now tek down.
All the nice hugs and kisses, the lifting up o’ the babies, the pictures wid the candidates walking up and down in between all kinds o’ li’l alleys greeting all the li’l old people who does be only too glad tuh see somebody come tuh visit dem done. All the fair promises now done and reality has stepped in.
Nuh more smiles, nuh more hugging up, nuh more splurging, nuh more expecting the world pon a platter, the promises are now only dat, promises.  
All of a sudden one year later; the once expectant happy faces now glum or angry; evahbody now pointing duh fingers at somebody, anybody, and looking fuh somebody, anybody, tuh blame.
Evahbody know evahthing, yet still nuhbody ain’t seem tuh know or tuh be doing nutten.
People losing duh jobs left, right and centre. Some ain’t know where tuh turn as nuhbody didn’t see this sort o’ thing so happening ’bout here.
It got a lot o’ people catspraddle and wondering wha’ duh gine do now dat the so-called secure Government job is no more.
People dat ya nevah see sick or laid up now dying just so and it got ya kinda offset.
My daughter, who nevah paid any kinda attention tuh nuh death notices or nutten so, now cahn believe it when she see or hear ’bout people she know who all of a sudden dead just so.
She ain’t realise dat she getting tuh dat kinda age where reality gine step in big time.
Evah time ya decide tuh go in tuh a supermarket wid a few extra dollar in ya hand fuh a few li’l items and think dat ya gine come back out wid a couple more items or a few dollars left back, think again as the same thing you buy only a couple days ago ain’t dat price nuh more – it gone up.
So if you was thinking ’bout buying something extra, ya got tuh forget it and do wid-out it till another time.
But as I said before, ya got tuh be strong tuh be living in a time like this and nuh matter how hard things get ’bout here and how much you and me gripe and complain, life will still go on.
 Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.