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Some developments adding to congestion

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Some developments adding to congestion

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FORMER CHIEF TOWN PLANNER Leonard St Hill today voiced concern about residential developments which he said were contributing to the island’s traffic woes.
Delivering the weekly lunchtime lecture at the Democratic Labour Party’s George Street headquarters, St Hill spoke about lands being subdivided for major residential developments but with the developers failing to  make provision for shops, schools “and other urban facilities which are required in those urban developments”.
According to St Hill, those land subdivisions ended up creating structures which were little more than dormitories, where people slept but had to head to Bridgetown for work and almost everything else, thereby contributing to the traffic congestion.
St Hill also said failure to fully implement the Town and Country Planning Department’s 1970 plan for a Cave Hill town centre had also contributed to the high level of traffic in the area today.
Answering questions posed by the small audience in Belleville, he raised the idea of incentives for Broad Street and Swan Street businesses to relocate out of Bridgetown – a measure which would reduce traffic congestion in The City. (TY)