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PUDDING & SOUSE: A horn for a horn

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PUDDING & SOUSE: A horn for a horn

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IT’S SAID that “do for do” ain’t obeah, and a certain married man is showing his cheating wife exactly that by giving her a dose of her own medicine.
The man, who holds a senior position in an important office, recently found out that his wife was having an affair with one of his senior colleagues.
He knew the two were childhood friends but did not know they were sleeping together until workers started to tell him that he was being horned.
The man went home and begged his wife to stop the affair since it was an embarrassment to him. He also pleaded with his work colleague to stop messing around with his wife. But since the two of them have continued with the relationship, hubby came up with his own plan, which has led to an all-out war – he is now sleeping with the colleague’s wife.
Imagine the colleague, who was horning him and refused to stop even though he begged him to, is now going crazy and losing weight. He has even told other workers that he never expected that his boss would turn around and horn him back.
But everyone is laughing at the situation and hoping that it does not eventually lead to all-out violence between these two men.
On to dread’s scheme
PEOPLE WHO ATTEND a popular community event would like to know why a dreadlocked woman is still turning up at every spot when she is well aware that people are on to her scheming ways.
This tall, dark woman, who has a habit of going up to men and asking them to buy her a beer, apparently has an incurable illness and has vowed to give it to men because a man gave it to her.
Since word has been spreading about her sinister plan, women have been holding onto their men tightly and not letting them dance with other women, especially her.
A man, who was chatting with her until he was informed about her plan, has told friends that the next time he spots her sneaking around the event he will go on the microphone and sing a karaoke song about her so that she would stop turning up at the event and targeting unsuspecting victims.
Shame on granny
NEIGHBOURS LIVING IN a small, close-knit district in the north of the island are appalled at how one of the elderly residents is behaving.
The granny is going from house to house bad-talking her daughter with neighbours. While they have no choice but to listen to her, no one is unpicking their teeth because they are so shocked at what she is saying about the child she brought into this world. She has even managed to drive a wedge between her daughter and granddaughter.
Neighbours know that what she is telling them is not true and they are disgusted by her spiteful attitude, but everyone seems to be afraid to tell granny to stop walking around spreading rumours about her child, especially at her ripe old age.
Loveless love day
STAFF AT A learning institution were not feeling the love from management on Valentine’s Day.
Apparently, they all received a letter informing them that they would not be paid during this month because of a computer glitch.
Upset workers said they felt betrayed because the notice was handed to them only a day before payday.
Workers were sulking all day and unable to concentrate. Some even went to the accountant and asked if the computer was smarter than human beings.