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Ivy folk cry for help

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Ivy  folk  cry  for help

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RESIDENTS OF THE IVY, St Michael, are living in fear.
Some of them who live close to the abandoned building adjacent to the St Giles’ Nursery School told the SUNDAY SUN they have been battling rodents and unsavoury characters lurking within it ever since it was gutted by fire.
There are three rooms in the structure. The first has a high mound of the remains of burnt books, which belonged to the Israel Lovell Foundation  and stored there. The middle has a bit of debris, as does the third. The third room also has a sofa and some cushions strewn on the floor.
“A lotta strange people does come in hey and sleep and ting, and duh burn dey bout three times. It get burn a time back, and then bout twice it light again last year.  It [harbouring] a lotta rats and ting bout de place, too,” one woman said.
Things took another twist last week with a report of a masked man was spotted in the area behind the building.
“A pregnant girl butt up pon ‘e  and she holler for she boyfriend then he turn and went long,” another woman said.
According to the resident, the man was dressed in black and had a mask on his face.
“We accustom seeing people coming from de girls school and ting, too. And there are chairs in there,” she added.
The woman are calling on authorities to do something about the situation to rid them of the rodents and before someone falls victim to an attack.
Efforts to reach Trevor Prescod, who is Member of Parliament for the area, and a member of the Israel Lovell Foundation proved futile. (YB)