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DEAR CHRISTINE: My boy can’t get along with stepdad

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DEAR CHRISTINE: My boy can’t get along with stepdad

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Dear Christine,
For three years, I was a single parent with a small boy and it was tough trying to raise him alone.
Finally, I married, and now there is a great deal of resentment between my seven-year-old son and his stepfather. I think one of the reasons is that my husband is a teacher, and he tries to change our son’s behaviour by making jokes to show him where he is wrong.
Sometimes this works, but lots of times it just makes him want to kill his stepfather. I don’t think anyone likes being laughed at and I don’t blame my son for getting mad.
– P.L.
Dear P.L.,
Humour can be a wonderful teaching tool, but a person should never feel he is the butt of the joke or that he is being laughed at.
Humour can be used as a form of punishment and it can be cruel and very destructive.
Your son is bound to resent anyone coming in and taking his mother’s attention. He would probably much prefer to have you all for himself.
Eventually, he may grow to accept his stepfather, if he feels this man trusts, understands and respects him. He needs to feel support and love from this man, especially at this time of his life.