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BWA helping out in tough times

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BWA helping out in tough times

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THE BARBADOS WATER Authority (BWA) is working to ensure that customers affected by the lay-offs or tough times maintain their water supply.
Speaking to the DAILY NATION during a showcase in Independence Square yesterday as part of observations for World Water Week, marketing and communications manager Joy-Ann Hague said while she did not have the figures, there had been an increase in the number of people falling behind in their payments.
“There are people who, for obvious reasons, will have a tough time. If not now, in a few weeks if they do not find employment,” Hague said.
She said the BWA already had payment agreement plans in place, and she encouraged people having issues to go into the office and explore the options available to them, before the service was disconnected. She added that the BWA had called in the Welfare Department to assist struggling customers in the past.
“There is absolutely no reason that persons should be disconnected if they come and speak to us and utilise what we have out there for them, which would be the payment plans or the social services, either or, that you qualify for,” Hague stated.
She said that as with any other agency, a means test was done on people who came for assistance.
Hague said they expected people to honour the agreement when it was made. (YB)