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Apes Hill accident upsets visitors

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Apes Hill accident upsets visitors

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What was supposed to be a leisurely Friday afternoon taking in polo at the Apes Hill Polo Club in St James turned out to be a horror story for Canadian visitors John Szilagyi and his wife Marie-Lyse Dubois when their son David Szilagyi was hit in the head by a ball.
Not only was Szilagyi concerned about his son’s medical condition because he has cerebral palsy, but he and his wife say they were appalled at the treatment they received at the Apes Hill facility.
“I was talking to a lady who was accompanying actor/comedian Ross Abbott, and at some point there was a shot that was made and the ball just went way up and it hit David. David looked very startled and scared, so then we went to look at him and he started crying,” said his mother. “David doesn’t really cry very often and then I’m looking and I realised my hand was covered in blood. Then at some point the blood started gushing all over his eyes and everything.”
Both Szilagyi and Dubois said while they were trying frantically to get help for their son, officials from the Apes Hill Polo Club were not responsive.