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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Sinckler immune

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Sinckler immune

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GERMS DON’T TALK – they act.
And one of the supposed two persons described as the “political germs” infecting Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley has reportedly indicated he will do his best to wipe Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler off the political landscape.
What’s more, we were told this supposed “germ” is so peeved – to put it mildly – at Sinckler’s derogatory comments that when the time is right he may unleash publicly on the minister.
Those in the know say if this does happen it would be a messy affair, given the reputations that could be tarnished at all levels. Maybe then we would get to find out what Sinckler meant when he said the same two “germs” had tried to attach themselves to him, but he rejected being their vessel.
Maybe, too, Bajans would find out the link between these “germs” and the propaganda success of the Democratic Labour Party leading up to the 2008 general election as well as their triumph in 2013.
A political watcher, however, dismissed this talk as mere hot air.
He said the supposed “germs” and Sinckler would each be losers if there was any public cuss-out, as it would become clear to all that as former friends, what was applied to one could be said of the others.
As far as our political pundit is concerned, the only winner from this whole thing would be Sinckler.
He said Sinckler is a relatively young man and as Minister of Finance is in the No. 2 spot in the Government, so that when the economy begins to improve, hopefully by 2016, he should be there to reap the sweets.
Elevation to the top job would follow.
He noted that even if this doesn’t materialise, by 2016 Sinckler would be able to walk away with an estimated gratuity of $238,096.88 and a monthly pension of $4,761.94.
Staff losing appetite
WHAT DO YOU do when the guests of honour have no interest in being so flattered?
That’s the dilemma management at a certain organisation is now faced with after promoting a staff gathering for next Friday.
Cou Cou understands the staffers are anxious about losing their jobs at month-end and feel the gesture by management is only a ploy meant to assure them they will be there following the pending islandwide axe-wielding exercise.
An insider is questioning how the management thinks the staff can eat, drink and be merry not knowing the immediate future of their jobs.
They are wondering, too, how such expense could be contemplated at this time when cutbacks are going on.
Office a hotspot
A CERTAIN PERSON’S office is now said to be lit up at night more than Grantley Adams International Airport since some of its windows was damaged.
From what Cou Cou was told, the move is a security measure after a number of irate people who were said to have been retrenched committed the act. It is being said they got fed up with being told “to come back” whenever they visited for an audience with the person.
We have been further informed that in the day a security official stands guard to ensure there are no more low blows against this office.

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