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DEAR JOHN: Wife said no sex before marriage

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DEAR JOHN: Wife said no sex before marriage

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DEAR JOHN, I do not have a problem but over the last few months I have been thinking I should share my story with you and your readers.
Two years ago I met a beautiful young Christian woman. She told me she was a virgin and did not want to have sex until she was married. Eventually we got engaged and now two years later we are married.
John, what an experience.
She has never been intimate with anyone and together we are experimenting and learning. Life is really beautiful. She has no one with whom to compare me and is extremely happy that I was respectful of her desire not to have sex before marriage.
John, I would certainly appreciate your comments on what I did. As you know, people say that “you should never buy a pig in a bag”, but I believe they are wrong. To me, personality, principles, personal reputation and background are very, very important.
Your opinion, please.
 You have asked me to comment and I will:
(1) Remember my comments and opinions are strictly against the background of marriage being a biblical, religious, God-established institution and not simply a civil or socially determined practice and activity.
(2) Your young beautiful Christian wife has been obedient to the biblical God-given instructions of sex being an activity that should be reserved exclusively  for the matrimonial union. Any activity outside this union is either fornication for the unmarried or adultery for the married.
(3) Our society, especially in the Western Hemisphere, has placed sex and its practice under a completely different classification. Societies have determined that every consensual sexual relationship and practice are legal even if they are not moral. Men can now marry men, women can now marry women, men and women can either live together or simply practise sex without civil or religious approval. In fact some countries are even conferring civil marital status on couples who have been cohabiting for specific periods of time.
(4) Your relationship has been established on an excellent foundation. I wish you and your young wife many happy years of togetherness. Keep following the religious principles and teach them to any children you may have and society will benefit and you will not go wrong.
Congratulations. Good luck and God bless.