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One Kartel

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One Kartel

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SOKA KARTEL is alive and kicking – make that rolling.
Ever since the story broke in last Friday’s WEEKEND NATION that half of the dynamic duo who dominated Crop Over 2013, in the form of Mikey, was leaving Headliners Calypso Tent for new pastures in De Big Show, speculation has been rife about the status of the band and if the separation transcended the change in tent and signalled the imminent break-up of Soka Kartel.
Both Blood and Mikey have been answering questions to that effect over the past week and hearing the rumours.
Reigning Sweet Soca champ Blood did not want to comment at this stage, and deferred to partner Mikey.
“We’re still working together, we recording together. Up to Saturday [March 29] we performed together. So it’s not what people are making it out to be. It has absolutely nothing to do with the band or separation thereof. The band is quite fine and we’re going forward to the world,” Mikey stated.
“Blood and I are still very good friends, we’re good workmates and Soka Kartel is still going strong. We’re still in negotiation with this tent thing but it does not affect Soka Kartel because, from what we understand, Party Monarch is not judging in tents, so it will not affect [us],” Mikey added.
He said they were currently working on material to defend the Sweet Soca title, which Blood won for the first time last year and the Party Monarch crown they share as Soka Kartel.
“Yuh could look for some music,” was all Mikey would disclose to WEEKEND BUZZ about Soka Kartel’s offerings for this year.
Both singers have featured prominently in the soca competitions of the Sweetest Summer Festival since 2010, but last year was their best ever.
During that period Blood won a Tune Of The Crop and Party Monarch title once and shared both titles last year with Mikey as well as the 2013 Sweet Soca title.
Mikey’s bio reflects a Tune Of The Crop title and a shared one with Blood; two consecutive Party Monarch titles and a Sweet Soca championship. There were some placings in the top four in all the competitions for both artistes as well.