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Pile remix a winner

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Pile remix a winner

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Ken Pile knows how to live up to his nickname “Big Star”.
The Barbadian music producer beat out a field of 10 000 people from around the world who entered a competition for and Sony Entertainment to do a remix for American rap artiste Yo Gotti.  
Pile’s remix, which he did from Barbados and submitted electronically, was chosen by a team from Sony Music Entertainment and would be used on an upcoming Yo Gotti single.
Pile learned about the contest from a friend in the music industry and decided to enter back in January.
“They were rules that you had to follow for the competition,” Pile said. “They wanted you take the record itself and remix it with something fresh, different, and creative. But you as the producer could determine what direction you wanted to take it in. Most contestants took it in the field of hip hop which I did, but I mixed it with a more urban feel.”
Pile certainly had the right blend to his remix. After reviewing all the remixes that Sony received he learned the results last month.
“I was speechless when I got the email notifying me,” Pile said. “Later that same day someone personally called to congratulate me.”
But the accolades didn’t stop there.
“I won the competition, I also won a cash prize. I got a few calls from people who I dreamed would call me including Yo Gotti’s team.” Pile said. “A lot of doors have been opened since then.
Pile has worked with artistes such as international recording dancehall artiste Elephant Man, Mr Lex, Alison Hinds, Toni Norville, Buggy Nhakente and much more. But he is still on a high after winning this competition.
“Something like this would raise my credentials,” he said. “It means I’m the only producer in Barbados to work with a major rap artiste, be paid for it and have it published.”
The record called Lebron James featuring Pile’s remix will be released on Yo Gotti’s social media network including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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