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Enrique’s about sex and love

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Enrique’s about sex and love

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ENRIQUE IGLESIAS was no stranger to the roll of Barbadian waves and the kiss of its sun.
“Barbados is a great island. It is an island that I have visited a bunch of times when I was a teen. I used to windsurf a lot and surf a lot and it is fun to be here . . .,” the Spanish crooner told the media during a Press conference yesterday. The meet and greet was ahead of his performance at the annual CHUM FM’s Breakfast in Barbados concert at Holder’s House last night. Pitbull and Canadian reggae-pop band Magic! were also slated to perform at the concert.
Iglesias released Sex+Love last month under Republic Records. He explained that the title “was the title that first came to mind when I first listened to the album, especially when I listened to song number 15. I played around with a few other titles but that is the one that I keep coming back to me. [It is] very straightforward and simple, maybe too simple . . . but they are two things we can all relate to.”
With Pitbull and FloRida as collaborators, Enrique has started to appeal to new audiences. One clear sign of this was his recent Vevo certification as a result of three of his videos amassing over 100 million views on YouTube overall. He told the media it was testament to music video’s revived potency.
“[Videos] went through a stage when they were very important, as TV didn’t play them as much . . . . Now, they’re back and in full force. Knowing that
100 million people are watching the videos feels good, and it feels like we are going in the right direction.