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Food shame

Mike King

Food shame

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Shameful. It is not right.
That’s the cry against Barbadians ranging from Government workers to security guards to taxi-drivers who are standing in the queues every week receiving meals that are reserved for vagrants and homeless people.
President of the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society, Kemar Saffrey, told the SATURDAY?SUN that the practice was reaching a worrying stage.
“We have sadly discovered that there are some people who are going to the feedings [who] are not homeless. We have people from Government offices, security firms, restaurants, taxi-men, going in lines and getting food. It is not right.
“It has reached the stage that those who really are in need, have become frustrated because they are getting little or nothing to eat . . . .
“Our organisation has more than 300 people on our database, not all are homeless, and we know who are and who are not. If a vagrant tells you another person is not a vagrant, you should listen to them. It is hurtful when a homeless man can’t get a plate, but can see a person who can do better, eating,” he said.