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MAVIS BECKLES: Guns like dey all ovah

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MAVIS BECKLES: Guns like dey all ovah

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All the people who read this column when the week come, know by now dat I like tuh read the court cases every single day. And if I miss reading dem fuh one reason or the other, I would keep the papers and go back tuh dem when I get the change. But duh got a few things dat always baffle me in some o’ these police cases.
One o’ dem is the amount o’ guns dat people does be finding all the time all ovah de place. Whenevah I read one o’ dem cases where somebody get caught wid a gun or is charged wid gun possession, duh find it.
Barbados like it is the dumping ground fuh guns. Wha’ evahtime ya open the papers and read bout somebody being charged fuh having a gun, the body does say dat dem find it.
Now I never read bout one soul saying dat dem get it from a friend, calling the friend by name; dat duh buy it at a discount store or at a sale.
I nevah read bout nuhbody giving it tuh dem as a birthday or Christmas present; whenevah police catch dem wid a gun, the story is always the same. Dem findit in some bushes or behind a rock or if somebody get killed wid it, it belong tuh the body dat dead.
Just like how lil children does walk around in a treasure hunt at Easter time looking fuh Easter eggs, it look like if ya want a gun, all ya gotta do is tuh start searching through the lot o’ bush we still got all around the island or look under some rocks or behind walls, in a gully or evenin somebody ground and ya gine find a gun. I telling you, it easy so.
But ya know something dat I find real interesting, though? It looks tuh me like only certain people does find these guns.
These guns like duh does only jump out at certain people and at convenient times too. But again, when ya say A ya gotta say B, because evahbody aint got dat kinda time tuh devote tuh searching bout fuh these guns when the days come.
The majority o’ we does be out working, trying tuh make a honest living.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.