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Darts players told to step up game

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Darts players told  to step up game

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For the Barbados Darts Association, it’s time to step up and start throwing big. That advice was given to the association on Sunday by the  acting Director of the National Sports Council (NSC), Neil Murrell, during the season’s opening ceremony, held at the indoor gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.
In his feature address to the darts players and officials, Murray said that darts had to put itself in the limelight.
“Where is the Barbados Darts Association in the context of the Barbadian economy? How can it move itself to capture a share of the sport economy especially, in this 21st century technologically-driven global world?” Murrell asked darts boss Lisa Greene.
“Over the next year, positioning is going to be very important,” Murrell said.
The acting NSC chief also advised the association to put a number of things in place, preferably by the end of the year. According to Murrell, a school/youth league is a must to expand the association’s horizons.
“Discussion with the Ministry of Education and the Sports Council is needed to make this a reality, and you are going to need serious volunteers,” he added.
The association was advised to create a website and Murrell told the darts enthusiasts that at least two fundraising events per year would be needed to create income to finance development of coaching and players.
“Once you start to position yourself through these initiatives darts will grow and become the real force that you are seeking,” he said.
“We can make it happen and the NSC is willing to work hand in glove to make it happen,” Murrell said.
Greene said 2014 would be a year of evolution for the association, starting with introduction of a new points and rankings system which would reward individual players for their performances.
“The real challenge for us will be to sustain ourselves in this current economic climate. This is not unique to us, but management will be innovative, and extremely committed to stimulating our members.”
Greene said every player within the association would have to play their part. “There is a fuel within us which needs to be ignited. We have to be focused and precise, where our motto, ‘together towards triumph’ is our main goal and focus.”
Greene added that for the sport to prosper there would be a zero tolerance of indiscipline and disrespect to the sport. (BA)