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Gas ease

Trevor Yearwood

Gas ease

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Public Service Vehicle (PSV) owners may be able to cut thousands of dollars off their weekly petrol bills under a new deal announced formally yesterday by Trade Advisory Services (TAS).
Head of the company, Judy Forde, told a meeting of PSV owners and operators at the Barbados Community College that the deal being finalised with Sol (Barbados) Limited would give PSVs a nine cent discount on every litre of fuel purchased from participating petrol stations.
The project should be launched next month, with rebates to be passed on monthly, based on use of a special swipe card to be designed by Sol, according to Forde.
She told the DAILY NATION that 120 PSV representatives signed up yesterday for the project.
She described the nine cents return as significant for an industry in which weekly consumption of fuel two years ago was estimated at 200 000 litres.
With a litre of diesel now tagged at $2.87, the Sol deal could see conditional weekly savings of over $50 000, bus operators said.