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NexCyx surprise for fans

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

NexCyx surprise for fans

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WITH THEIR SUMMER PARTY starter already out of the gate, NexCyx revealed that they were still in the studio working on more new music.
?“We have been spending a lot of time in the studio. We just released this summer single, but we still have more new music to share with the fans in the days and weeks and months. We got a lot of say, so look out for that,” front woman Mahalia Cummins told Weekend Buzz.
She and fellow band members Andre Clarke, Kris Clarke, Russell Padmore and Chad Ifill were at the Nation Publishing Company for a quick catch-up yesterday.
Before Tuesday’s release of In Da Club, the last original tune fans would have heard from the band would have been last year’s Eternal Summer, which is still a big favourite.
And though the six-track EP Queen was released back in 2011, the band was not willing to disclose whether an album or another EP was on the way.
But they did note that the current single had received favourable comments from their strong base of diehard fans. The band admitted the groove was a little different from what NexCyx usually offered.
“. . . . So far our friends, family and friends welcome the change,” Mahalia added.
Look out for a big Nexperience at the end of the month, featuring some of the biggest names in local entertainment, along with some tightly held surprises.
“Some people trying to leak information and speculate, but you have to wait!” musical director Andre Clarke said. (LW)