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Tank saver

Albert Brandford

Tank saver

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WITH Barbados experiencing near drought conditions, parliamentary representative for St Joseph, Dale Marshall, is proposing that Government set up a mechanism to subsidise the purchase by rural parishioners of tanks to help alleviate their perennial water woes.
He said one of the issues mentioned at a recent town hall meeting with the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) was the importance of residential water tanks, but there was a cost attached.
“We are seeing more and more, some of the constituents in St Joseph making investments in small water tanks,” he told the DAILY NATION at a constituency branch meeting Sunday in?Horse Hill. “And some of them are quite ingenious, not necessarily buying the large tanks, but using the smaller 60-gallon drums and connecting them.
“There was a view that while Water Authority has committed to reversing our water woes in St Joseph, that until that happens that people still have to take care of themselves and try to mitigate their own situation.”