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$75 000 up in smoke

Heather-Lynn Evanson

$75 000 up in smoke

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The Barbados Light & Power is feeling the burn from grass fires across the island.
The firebug has caused the company to replace at least ten poles each month so far this year, and the bill could be as high as $75 000.
BL&P communications public relations administrator, Jacqueline Marshall-Clarke, said, “on average, 40 poles are treated or replaced every month and fires this year have contributed to approximately ten of these being pole replacements per month.”
The poles that were impacted were those that carry high voltage transmission and distribution overhead lines. Depending on the type of pole and its height, one can cost between $600 and $1 500, she revealed.
“This year, there seems to be a larger number of fires and the impact on us seems greater,” Marshall-Clarke told the DAILY NATION.