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Shot dead


Shot dead

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DERRICK HUNTE was lucky to survive the  first attack because of a misfiring gun. He wasn’t as fortunate the second time around.
Just hours after being involved in a dispute  with a man, Hunte, 48,  of Lynches, St Philip, was shot, reportedly by the same assailant, while liming with villagers.
Clad in a three-quarter blue jeans, a T-shirt and  a pair of grey sneakers, the outpatient of the Psychiatric Hospital managed to run about  70 metres from the scene before collapsing in a heap, eyewitnesses said.
Public relations officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force, Inspector David Welch, said investigations revealed Hunte was shot around 3:25 p.m., when several shots were fired at the block from a car, sending residents scampering.