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Boyfriend treats me like a dog

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Boyfriend treats me like a dog

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Dear Christine,
I HAVE A PROBLEM with my family because of my boyfriend. I am writing to you because I have no one else to talk to.
My problem started when my mother told me not to have anything to do with a certain man. However, I was in love and ignored her completely. Now after, standing by this man he has turned away from me and now has another woman.
Christine, this man and I have been living together for seven years. I forsook my family for him and now he is causing me so much pain. My entire family used to say he was going to get a lot of children from me and “that is all”.
Sometimes I sit down and cry because he really treats me like a dog. When I see my family and friends I pretend that I am happy, but I am not happy. I am a worried woman. This man will leave me at home five nights a week to sleep at this woman. He does not come home until around 3 a.m.
I am planning to go back to my mother’s house with my two children and I am going to tell her how sorry I am that I did not listen to her. In fact, I intend to tell my entire family how sorry I am and ask them to forgive me.
Christine, I come from a decent family, and I know that despite the hurt, shame and humiliation I have gone through, they will welcome me back even if they chastise me first.
I hope that young girls out there will listen to their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and older siblings when they are trying to put them on the right road. I refused to listen and so I had to learn the hard way.
Please print my letter so others would not have to follow in my footsteps.
– Living With Regrets
Dear Living With Regrets,
There is a manual God has given us for living our lives here on earth but each one
of us misses the mark at some point in our lives. When we do so, it does not mean that we cannot seek to get back on track.
Your decision to return home reminds me of the biblical story of the Prodigal Son. This parable shows the love a father (in this case God) has for his children when they turn away from their “wayward ways” and return to him. He welcomes them back with open arms.
I hope your mother is not going to make you feel too bad about what you have done. After all, it lasted for seven years and that is a lot more than many other marriages and relationships.
Everyone takes a risk when they give their life into another’s keeping. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Learn from this experience and just do not make the same mistake twice.