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Ex-boyfriend keeps nagging me for sex

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Ex-boyfriend keeps nagging me for sex

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Dear Christine,
I HAVE a problem and that is why I am writing to you. My former boyfriend is making me live in hell.
I have two children with him and both night and day he keeps harassing me for sex.
One day I sent the children to get some money for their support and he told them I must ask him myself. When I did he told me I do not want him anymore; I do not give him sex anymore and that if I were with him I would not have to ask him for anything.
He does not understand I do not want him anymore, but the children are his and he needs to support them. I am not in a relationship with anyone. In fact, I am not interested in being with anyone, not after he treated me the way he did. What should I do?
– VJ
Dear VJ,
There is a law in this country which can make men support their children if they won’t do so voluntarily. Make use of it and stop sending the children to him. It pains me that they have to be asking their father to give them money.
This man is out to buy sex and if you are not selling, get the children’s support through legal channels.
In other words, “carry him to court”. It’s as simple as that.