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Words of wisdom from GG

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Words of wisdom from GG

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BELMONT PRIMARY hosted a special guest yesterday – Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave.
The school treated Sir Elliott to poetry, songs and dance featuring students from nursery to Class 4. There were also presentations by principal Pamela Ifill and education officer Shamin Ally.
In his address, Sir Elliott told the children to read “good” books and learn to speak and write standard English as this was Barbados’ first language and was necessary to land a good job.
He also told the Class 4 students about to attend secondary school that their journey was now beginning.
“Do not think this is the end of the road as the road ahead will not be easy. There will be more subjects at a higher standard and new languages to learn so you can’t relax. Put your hearts and minds into your work and you will succeed,” he said. (CA)