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Bushy Park day and night event


Bushy Park day and night event

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NAIL-BITING ACTION?from the start at noon to finish at 8 p.m.
That was the prediction of officials of GoodYear Tyres and Courtesy Car Rentals when they handed over the sponsors’ cheque to the Barbados Association of Dragsters and Drifters (BADD) this week in support of the day/night event at Bushy Park tomorrow.
“We have been with this club from its inception and with a new track at Bushy Park, we expect to see drivers turn in faster times under the new conditions,” said Mark Wilson, tyres department manager at Courtesy Garage, also the agents for Nissan and Hyundai vehicles.
 A new racing category called track attack has been added to the association’s racing calendar this year, and Wilson said he expects to see some new faces coming under starter’s orders for this section of the action.
Track attack is a new form of racing and is similar to the popular time attack form of racing, but tailored to suit local competition.
In explaining the track attack, BADD’s chairman Adrian Linton said the system is run along time intervals of three flying laps with the best lap counting. There will be three time sessions during the day.
He said the track attack will run until 6:30 p.m. and is open to drivers with a valid BMF competition licence while all cars must be equipped with a roll cage.
Sonia Greene, the supervisor at Courtesy Car Rentals, expects new records will be set with the new surface at Bushy Park and a different grip.
“It will be action from the beginning as it has been a long time since drag racing has been held at Bushy Park as the facility was under re-construction. All the drivers are raring to go and also to give of their best. I wish them all a safe day of racing at the new track,” Greene said.