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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Group cornered

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Group  cornered

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A WELL HEELED GROUP are reportedly ticked off from the strong moral suasion technique certain big-ups used on them recently.
According to the reports, the group were ushered into a room with a view to die for and after warm greetings were told the gravity of the situation that existed. Then their hosts explained the initiatives being undertaken to lift the entity out of the predicament it is in and called on the group to do their part to assist.
The hosts then suggested an avenue of action which the group, almost to a person, objected to. The idea floated was for members of the group to absorb more of the entity’s products even though to do so was not in their best financial interest.
The group did not refuse outright, but pointed out why they could not support such a strategy.
That was when the hosts explained that their request could be backed up by a legal trump card if need be.
One of those who told Cou Cou about the gathering said the group of professionals now face a dilemma – tails they lose, heads they lose – and so they’re unsure how to proceed.
What’s sure though, says our source, is that the group cannot ignore the requests of the hosts without dire consequences to their bottom line and operation.
And this will undoubtedly impact the average person as this group always demands more from the people when more is extracted from them.
‘Pay you later’
IT SEEMS THE dominant refrain for this Crop Over is shaping up to be “pay you later”.
The thing is, this is not even part of any kaiso. Rather, it appears to be the catchphrase of those involved with the organisation of an event.
Word reaching Cou Cou is that things are so brown with these organisers that they have a line of people waiting for payment for various services.
What’s more, they are making changes to previously announced things in an effort to cut costs.
One person intimately involved with these organisers was overheard saying if their top bosses had sought to do as much thoughtful cost cutting as they are asking their underlings to do, then they would be no cash crunch at all.
?More actors than ever Cou Cou heard this one which we would like to share. It says: “Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood don’t have a thing on Barbados when it comes to the per capita number of people acting in Barbados these days.
“One only has to make a call to many Government departments to hear the number of people who are acting in positions.
“This acting mode extends too to statutory corporations and the police force as well.
“Some are even saying that at higher levels people are acting too.”
Cou Cou has no comment on this one.?