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All-night partying a bother for cops


All-night partying a bother for cops

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SUNDAY BREAKFAST PARTIES, noise, urine and condoms left around after fetes, are among issues causing police concern as Crop Over swings into gear.
Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce said that particularly with private fetes, police had been bombarded with calls from residents as patrons parked indiscriminately and caused discomfort in some neighbourhoods.
“You’ll find you get a location in one of the ‘heights’ for a party for a few people but because of the social media exchanges, the few turn into many, and then you’re parking in front of somebody’s house, people are using residents’ guardwalls and other areas to urinate, and you get people complaining that they have to get up on mornings and remove condoms and so on,” Boyce told journalists following a recent Press conference on City Fest at police headquarters.
“Yes, the permission was given but it was given under the understanding that the event would’ve been a manageable one,” he said, urging people to engage the police on the full facts beforehand.