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ALTAR CALL: ‘Walk with God through valley’

Cheryl Harewood

ALTAR CALL: ‘Walk with God through valley’

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If you are going through a valley experience in your life right now, understand that it’s part of your growth process.
You will not stay in the valley if you make up your mind not to stand up, lie down or sit down while there. If you do any of these three things you will be defeated. Keep walking and moving while in your valley; knowing that God is with you and He will bring you through.
These words of encouragement were shared by Prophet Harold Broomes, of Help Bless Ministries, during last Friday night’s praise and worship service at his Montrose, Christ Church sanctuary.
Using Psalm 23:4 as his main text, he told the congregation that while a valley was not a pleasant place to be, sometimes they were called by God to walk through some valleys in their lives.
“A valley is a dangerous place to be. Since they are usually located between two mountains, if one mountain gives way you are in danger. You must never build in a valley; rather, you must keep on walking,” he told his listeners.
In the stillness of the night following a time of praise and worship, Broome told his congregation that if the Psalmist David walked through his valley, how much more can today’s believers who have Jesus on the inside.
“You can be determined just like David to walk through the valley; just do not settle there. Do not give up and lie down. When you do all hope is lost.”
He said there were different valleys to walk through – maybe valleys of financial lack, sickness, or debt – but he noted that the experiences gained while in a valley could be tremendous because the presence of God “is always with us”.
“Like David, when evil confronts you, you need not be afraid. You may be going through a valley of financial difficulty right now but rest assured, you can walk through it because God has promised to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.”
Broomes said sometimes people might wonder if there was no end to their valley experiences, but they were “the means by which we mature”.
“When you are in a valley, do not look to get out by taking steps backwards. David walked through his valley with confidence and you can do the same; knowing God is on your side.”
He stated that while some people create their own valleys by making wrong choices, “they can still go through them knowing that God is with them”.
He added: “When you cannot find a way out of your valley, look up. Look to God for help and cast all your cares upon Him. Whether you created the valley or God ordained it for you, know that God is with you. Sometimes God may also put us into valleys that we may see His power at work.”
Broomes, making reference to Ezekiel 37 (the story of the valley of dry bones), urged his listeners to speak life into the dried-up situations and circumstances in their lives, just as God had commanded Ezekiel to do.
“Speak to those things around you that are dear to you and need life. Prophesy to them. Until you speak life to them like Ezekiel did, you will never witness any change.”