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Towards a sustainable city

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Towards a sustainable city

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THE REVITALIZATION of Bridgetown Initiative (TRBI) could be in for a boost.
Project coordinator Fabianna Alexander will attend a seminar on Challenges for the Implementation of the Sustainable and Emergent Cities Initiative in Latin America: Approach, Methodology and Tools in San José, Costa Rica from August 18 to 20.
The seminar, which is being hosted by the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative (ESCI) of the Inter-American Development Bank, will share the challenges commonly faced by cities such as Bridgetown.
The city will have a diagnosis and prioritization of its critical areas, with solutions being identified for these problems in an action plan that will support an integrated vision of urban, environmental, and fiscal/institutional sustainability. This action plan will provide Bridgetown with priority investments compatible with the technical and financial capacities necessary to execute it in an effective and efficient way. This approach will allow the city to execute high impact investments and avoid wasting resources on low priority projects.
The ESCI project will develop an action plan to improve the sustainability of the environmental, urban, fiscal and governance of Bridgetown. This operation is the continuation of a multi-sectoral effort that seeks to improve the quality of life in emerging cities in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in the long term.
“This seminar is timely as it provides insight into what other cities in the LAC are doing and the lessons learnt in their revitalization process. This will assist us in our efforts to breathe new life into Bridgetown and putting resources to the best possible use,” Alexander said. (PR/NB)