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BARRACK: Show me the money

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

BARRACK: Show me the money

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That was contractor Al Barrack’s response to Minister of Housing Denis Kellman just after 7 a.m. as he spoke with him on his cell phone. Kellman called and appealed to Barrack to remove the padlocks off the Warrens Office Complex.

He told Barrack, who had him on speaker, that he was not going about the action correctly.

“I would not advise you wrong. My advice is that you speak to your lawyer,” said Kellman.

The minister also told Barrack that he was embarrassing him as the line minister. Barrack told Kellman the action was not about making him, as minister look bad, but he was tired of being spun around and he wanted his money. He said he has no other choice given the Government’s lack of action in the matter.

The contractor stressed that he was not evicting the Government from the building, just exercising his right as a landlord to collect rent arrears. He told the minister bring a cashier’s cheque.

“You have to give me some time to get hold of the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance,” said Kellman.

Before that a police sergeant told Barrack he could not padlock the building without giving the tenants prior notice. The contractor told him he had done so several times but no one took him seriously – until now.