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Garbage worry


Garbage worry

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DESPITE THE Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) being severely short of functioning collection vehicles, people in some urban St Michael areas are not blaming it alone for garbage pile-ups.
When a MIDWEEK NATION team visited The Pine, Brittons Hill and Grazettes in St Michael, there was mostly support for the SSA’s efforts despite the piles of garbage and overflowing bins. Instead, most of the blame was placed on the unhealthy attitudes of people.
“Sanitation comes twice a week, although they did not come this morning. I can’t believe all these bags are here. People come from all about and dump; all these are not from about here. On the bridge you can even see beds and all kinds of things,” said Coreen Blenman, a resident of Denton Road, Grazettes.
In Golden Rock, Pinelands, Rhonda Hollingsworth had a similar problem. She said the SSA was doing its job but people were literally making a mess.