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Tired of talk

Sanka Price

Tired of talk

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It now seems like only the loss of jobs and the closure of farms will prompt authorities to come down hard on thieves who are driving away with the hard-earned profits of farmers.

That, essentially, is what farmer Stephen Williams believes as he continues to struggle with theft of his livestock, primarily pure breed Red Poll calves.

This year, 20 newborn calves, each worth $1 000, were stolen from his farm operations at Kendal Plantation in St John.  

Williams’ view comes in the wake of other reports from farmers about the theft of vegetables, Black Belly Sheep, poultry and other produce.

And like Williams, many are convinced that given the volumes stolen, the precision of the attacks and the efficiency of getting the stolen produce from the farms to the market and sold without attracting attention, such theft is a major component in a highly organised business.

The livestock farmers’ concerns come two days after deputy Chief Agricultural Officer Dr Dennis Blackman acknowledged that one of the biggest problems faced by farmers on the island was praedial larceny.