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What’s Trending: Homeless man tied to pole.

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What’s Trending: Homeless man tied to pole.

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The Nation’s Online Editor Sherrylyn Toppin looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.

A man was found tied to a utility pole in Edghill, St Thomas, on Thursday night.

When a NATION team arrived on the scene, the man was hogtied to a pole with rope around his neck and waistline. Residents said they were suspicious of the man’s actions.

​However, the man told the Saturday Sun he is homeless and that the house he usually occupies was recently “pushed down”.

He further explained he was just trying to “find somewhere to sleep”.

Police, who were called in to investigate, left the scene with the man in their custody.

Online readers had their say on the issue.

Keshia Haynes: Seeing his tears brought tears to my eyes. I can understand the suspicion of the residents seeing a strange person. However, he did not deserve this treatment especially since it was just suspicion and not evidence. I could only imagine the episode that took place which lead to this picture. What this young man went through was terrible. He is someone’s son; he is a child of God. He does not deserve this treatment. I really hope he gets the help he needs and I am willing to donate money or clothes in aid of him and I am certain that the members of the church will be willing to assist as well. Can someone from the Nation please follow up on this story? I am certain that there are others who will be willing to help as well

Artemis Allyce IronHyde-Jwb: I understand everybody is out raged, but sadly, if the man skulking around in the bushes in their neighbourhood and no one knows him, in this day and age, they did what they felt is right.

Sharlene Simmons: The person or persons who tied him up want charging, if this was a case of domestic violence wanna would be peeping out from behind wanna curtains not lifting a finger to help.

 Andrew Charles: That’s awful to do to a person.

Craig Goodridge:  If the residents were suspicious of him and were responsible for tying him like that, they should have called the police. But then again when you call the police, you have to wait hours on end for them to show up. It is a good thing Barbados isn’t any bigger. Guess at end of the day people have their homes and family to protect. Could have been dealt with differently.

Betty Mitchell: I want the people who did this to know God don’t sleep so when it comes back to you, don’t question God remember the wrong that you did this man and beg forgiveness.

Karen Allen: This is just so inhumane. Truly saddens me; reminiscent of a time when black people were hog-tied and lynched.

David Hall: “Residents said they were suspicious of the man’s actions”. Maybe there is something there which has not been disclosed, BUT I haven’t seen the justification for the restraints, nor the police mulling over possible charges as yet: but then again we [are] living in a new Barbados these days.

C. Holder: Well done to those residents! That is the true spirit of neighbourhood watch and we need more of that vigilance to prevent crimes. Keep up the good work!