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Firearm caution

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Firearm caution

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MEMBERS OF THE public are being cautioned against keeping firearms after their licenced holders have died.

The Royal Barbados Police Force has outlined a series of steps to be taken in the event of the death of a licenced firearm holder. These are: notifying the Commissioner of Police as soon as possible by contacting the nearest police station; handing over the firearm(s) and ammunition to police without delay; and ensuring that they receive a receipt upon handing over those items.

The public is also reminded that it is illegal to have a firearm and ammunition without a valid licence for that weapon or a permit for the ammunition.

Meanwhile, holders of firearm licences are reminded that they must renew their licences on or before the expiration date. Firearm licence holders can be prosecuted if they have firearms in their possession without a valid licence. (BGIS)