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Vendors forced to scramble

Carlos Atwell

Vendors forced to scramble

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It was murder in the market of a different kind when vendors had to scramble to protect their belongings at Cheapside and the Glebe outlets following early morning showers that threatened to wash their produce away yesterday.

Tenants at Cheapside Market in The City and the Glebe Market in St George reported their dissatisfaction with their environment when rain fell.

On the upper floor of the Cheapside Market, vendors were using clothes to soak up the water as well as lamenting the loss of goods because of water damage.

“Look at all the water. I had to put down clothes I could make a dollar from to soak up some of it. Plus, the light gone off,” said Jocelyn Ellis.

Mary Brown said she had no choice but to discard some of her merchandise after the water came flooding in.

“I sell books and clothes but they get wet. I actually had to throw out some of the books. The whole place get wet up,” she said, adding she had to enlist help from her fellow tenants to move her goods out of harm’s way.