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Prescod’s warning

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Prescod’s warning

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Corporate Barbados now has an executive arm in the state, which ensures success for “minority-owned” businesses, Opposition Member of Parliament for St Michael East, Trevor Prescod has said. Speaking at the University of Independence Square forum on Saturday night, he said “this is a new form of governance altogether”.

Addressing the meeting on the topic Onwards To A People’s Movement For Transformation Of Our Nation, Prescod said the people of Barbados were allowing operations of the state to go unchallenged.

“One time you would talk about the judiciary, the executive and the legislature. Now you got an executive form in the Government making sure that they put the provisions in place to make sure that the traditional white Barbadians who dominated the economy all along, are now also complimented by the arrival of the expatriates in the society . . . .”

Charging that there were politicians who were challenging the right of the media to sit in on meetings of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and even the right for those media reports to be published or broadcast without first being vetted by Parliament, Prescod questioned what some politicians were hiding that they did not want disclosed to the public. 


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