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Raft washes up on Dover Beach

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Raft washes up on Dover Beach

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Located almost directly behind Ocean Two Resort, a bamboo raft lies partially covered in sand on Dover Beach.

The raft, which washed up yesterday bears evidence of use, with bottles strapped on and what appears to be dried barnacles attached to its underside.

Eyewitness reports indicate a motor was also attached to the raft but this had been removed by someone.

Dwayne Ryan told he was unsure if there was one raft or two, as he had seen one wash in earlier in the week.

“I saw one come in last Sunday and a security officer at Ocean Two called the police as it looked suspicious but when I came back to the beach on Tuesday it was gone. I heard this one came in with the seaweed yesterday but I don’t think it is the same one as if the other one had washed back out, it would not come back here the same place, the current would take it away,” he said, although he admitted it was still a possibility.

Ryan said it was unusual as “you don’t see a raft coming across the ocean every day”. (CA)